About Us

Who we are

about-1Since 2009, Oklahoma Study Abroad has been committed to customizing the most in-depth and affordable study abroad experiences. All programs revolve around our values of Education, Authenticity and Affordability . Our mission is to increase study abroad and international travel among young adults and professors across the United States.


Whether traveling with an adventure group or taking a study abroad course, an OKSA trip is certain to further your knowledge and appreciation of the location you’re visiting. A mixture of cultural, historical, and smart travel education is incorporated in every program. We strive to increase global awareness and understanding through continually building connections across the globe.


The affordability of our programs does not mean that quality has been compromised in any way. In fact, it ensures their authenticity. We experience the local way and local life by utilizing public transportation, frequenting restaurants and markets where locals eat, and staying in places of accommodation which encourage a mingling of international and domestic travelers. Our native guides will steer you off the tourist beaten path and show you how to do as the locals do. We step out of the crowd and dive into the communities we visit.


The foundation of OKSA’s’ success lies in offering significantly more affordable programs than our competitors. Our top priority is to put programs within reach for a majority of travelers across the United States, providing all young adults the opportunity to embark on a trip of a lifetime. Long standing collaborations with local suppliers guarantee our groups the best rates on accommodation, activities and transportation. These connections allow us to provide tours at a rate even more affordable than if you were to travel independently.