Our Difference


The foundation of OKSA’s’ success lies in offering significantly more affordable programs than our competitors. Our top priority is to put programs within reach for a majority of travelers across the United States, providing all young adults the opportunity to embark on a trip of a lifetime. Long standing collaborations with local suppliers guarantee our groups the best rates on accommodation, activities and transportation. These connections allow us to provide tours at a rate even more affordable than if you were to travel independently.


The affordability of our programs does not mean that quality has been compromised in any way. In fact, it ensures their authenticity. We experience the local way and local life by utilizing public transportation, frequenting restaurants and markets where locals eat, and staying in places of accommodation which encourage a mingling of international and domestic travelers. Our native guides will steer you off the tourist beaten path and show you how to do as the locals do. We step out of the crowd and dive into the communities we visit.


Whether traveling with an adventure group or taking a study abroad course, an OKSA trip is certain to further your knowledge and appreciation of the location you’re visiting. A mixture of cultural, historical, and smart travel education is incorporated in every program. We strive to increase global awareness and understanding through continually building connections across the globe.

Freedom of choice

All of our programs are full of exciting group activities. However, if you wish to explore independently, there is plenty of free time to do so. We spend adequate time in each destination, ensuring you have the chance to build a connection and authentic taste of the community. Our supportive staff is always on hand to provide recommendations. It’s your trip-your way! Get out and explore!

24/7 Assistance

As experienced travelers and tour leaders, your local guides are prepared to address any questions or concerns 24/7. We realize that needs can arise at any point during a program and we are there for you every step of the way. We want to ensure your trip with OKSA is an experience of a lifetime!

Life Long Deposits

Plans can change and travelers need flexibility. That is why your deposit has a lifetime warranty. If you have to withdraw from a program, your program deposit can be credited toward any future program that OKSA is offering. Additionally, if you are no longer able to travel, your deposit can be transferred to a friend’s program.

Payment Installments

Large, lump sum program payments are inconvenient for most travelers. Therefore, we provide flexible payment options that work with your financial situation. Each program has staggered installment dates so that you pay fractions over time. If the payment schedule for a program proves difficult to follow, contact your program director to set up a customized payment plan.

Private Room Upgrades

Whether you are traveling with a loved one, or just need more privacy, we’ve got you taken care of. We have excellent deals on private room upgrades, ensuring the privacy & comfort you prefer.


OKSA  lives by the motto “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”!

Every program involves metros, trams, buses, boats, bicycles or any other means of transportation commonly used in the locale being explored. However, the long routes, infrequency of pick-ups and poor vehicle conditions of some public transit can make for an unpleasant journey. Therefore, when planning a trip, we keep the functionality of travel options top of mind. You can rest assured, knowing every tour is designed with your comfort in mind yet includes authentic ways of exploring your destination, guaranteed!


Authentic, affordable accommodation options are utilized in every location. College Backpackers’ programs include top-rated hostels, family run hotels, sea-side lodges, host family stays and more. Every place of accommodation we use is clean, safe & well researched. Furthermore, we choose to stay in places that encourage our participants to meet other travelers from a variety of backgrounds. Our goal is to keep you coming back, and to do that, we provide a unique experience that exceeds your expectations.

Small Groups

Our groups consist of travelers from across the United States and the globe seeking authentic, affordable and enriching experiences. Small, 10-15 participant, travel units allow for the development of lifelong friendships. More often than not, by the end of a trip, you will find your group has become a traveling family connected by endless memories and stories.