Why Study Abroad?

There are many reasons to study abroad, students always have different answers & experiences, but we can all agree on the following 10.

Study Abroad Will…

  • Allow you to broaden and deepen your understanding of people & cultures of the world by experiencing a foreign culture first hand.
  • Give you an opportunity to look at your own culture & country from a different perspective, allowing you to both appreciate what your country has to offer as well as critique what might be missing.
  • Better your overall communication skills---especially in cross-cultural situations---these opportunities will increase your opportunities for future employment & travel.
  • Will provide you a greater worldview increasing cultural understanding & overall global peace.
  • Give you the opportunity to learn a new language in a country where that language is spoken and used.
  • Allow you the opportunity for developing friendships and contacts with new people in new and different places.
  • Allow students to learn, see, and experience incredible things on a daily basis.
    Help students become globally minded individuals, while allowing them to discover much more about themselves.
  • Open so many doors and possibilities that at one time didn’t exist.
  • Provide a fun, memorable, and priceless experience that will influence your entire life. You can see the world and earn college credit at the same time. Take the leap, experience the new, Study Abroad the smart way!