The most important educational aspect of studying abroad is for students to gain a complete appreciation and understanding of the location they are visiting. This is accomplished by immersing them as much as possible in the local communities. Students only use local transportation, have round the clock access to their local guide and make local friends (often peers of the local guide will join tours to meet American students).


Consequently, our goal to fully immerse students in local culture also provides them with a more affordable trip and, therefore, we are able to provide study abroad experiences to more students. Taking local transportation, shopping in local markets, and staying in hostels all reduce the cost of traveling. Students with financial restraints now have the opportunity to experience a new country. A worldlier point of view and deeper understanding of people should be attainable to every student in Oklahoma, no matter what their previous travel experience or financial background may be.


Through using public transportation, shopping in markets, learning the local way of life and gaining other essential knowledge about traveling, our students become more comfortable with navigating new locations. They finish our programs with the confidence to travel independently in the future and a newfound eagerness to explore the world around them.