Semester Study Abroad

While on semester study abroad students have the option of taking online classes through the Oklahoma City Community College. With a selection of over 100 online courses students can find options to compliment any major. Students will participate in an additional language course worth 3-9 credit hours at the local university in the city they are living.

Short Term Study Abroad

Students on short-term study abroad have the option of participating in an interactive 3 credit hour course that is taught throughout the trip by the professor on tour.

Below is an example of a short-term study abroad course provided on our Costa Rica trip.

This is a travel-enhanced course. Students will travel to Costa Rica and experience the local culture and attractions. The course will cover basic vocabulary and phrases used in common travel situations. Spanish practice activities will include communicating with native speakers in a variety of settings including restaurants, bus stations, museums, hostels, and shopping venues. This course may be taken for 1000 or 2000 level credit. Students who enroll for 2000 level credit will be expected to complete additional assignments at the intermediate level.

Students will receive in-country exposure to the language and culture of Central America. Students will return to the U.S. with an enhanced appreciation for cultural differences along with an enhanced sense of the interconnectedness of all people.


* Courses provided by the lead institute are not included in program prices. If students wish to add courses to their Study Abroad programs, they should proceed directly through the university & inform Oklahoma Study Abroad.